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Day Purse

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**Bag takes 4 weeks to be completed and shipped**

Want to show your fire pride and make all the other ladies jealous? Look no further. Our standard purse is around 12" x 9" but with all of our products they are all custom made - to your specifications so give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and get your fire on!    We also have room for a limited number of authentic 3M fire coat letters - please send us a message to see if we can make it fit.

** RECYCLED GEAR USE DISCLAIMER **  While all of our gear is rigorously cleaned, by purchasing a product made from recycled/used firefighter gear you understand that, despite our best efforts the fabrics may contain traces of substances, such as carcinogens, that could be harmful or fatal. It is for this reason we offer some products in new material. If you would rather have an item made from new canvas fabric, or authentic material, the production time will be slightly longer.