At Dakota Stitch & Design we take great pride in knowing we are making a difference in both the environment and in department budgets!   If you have gear you are interested in selling or trading Dakota Stitch & Design will help put up to $10 per set back in your departments budget.   Before contacting us please make sure you have the following information available to so we can best assist you in the valuation process.

Shell Color:  Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, PBI Gold, Khaki

Trim Color:  Solid Lime, Solid Orange, Solid Grey, Lime/Grey/Lime Triple Trim, or Orange/Grey/Orange Triple Trim

Lettering:    We will need to know if any lettering is on the back of the jackets

Bonus Features:   Does you gear contain extra clips, pockets, or straps

Other items we consider:  Wildland Gear, SCBA Straps, suspenders.

Once you have an inventory completed please send an e-mail, or call our offices, with the details for what you have available.   If at all possible it helps best if you are able to provide us with some sample photos of your gear.   You can send gear requests to

Gear valuation is based upon customer demand, condition, features, and several other factors. Our process is extremely simple. Upon an agreement we send your department pre-paid shipping labels and establish an agreed upon time to have UPS, FedEx, or Freight Company pick-up the goods from your department, or you may elect to deliver it to your local Post Office.   It really is that simple.

At Dakota Stitch & Design we believe in paying it forward and we have helped several departments update their gear at little to no cost to them.   If your gear is in excellent condition, with your permission, we may donate the gear we have purchased to another department.   We refuse to cut-up gear that is of A or B Grade - many departments need this more than we need it for bags!